Team Knock It Off goes to boot camp

The Knock It Off team continues to bust calories with high intensity workouts.  YMCA Downtown Shreveport, Boot Camp instructor, David Taggart put the team through a rigorous workout.

It was an hour's worth of circuit training full of high intensity and sweat.  There were non-stop jumping jacks, squats, sit ups, resistance training, mountain climbers, and pushups.

Taggart told KSLA News 12's Domonique Benn, "We alternated muscle groups and I gave a combination of strength and cardio and we did it so we were rotating in a circuit. We were doing 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off and then we went to the lightning round where it was 20 seconds on and 20 seconds off but the same thing."

Taggart says circuit training is great because it works all of the body in a short amount of time.  It involves a little bit of lifting with cardio.

The Knock It Off team has been working the past 11 weeks to get in shape.  In August, KSLA News 12 picked 12 individuals to help them lose weight with the help of LSU Health Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Dennis Wissing and LSU Health Public Health student, Lori Panu.

The team also visits a different personal trainer or workout facility each week for a different workout.

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