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Are post-nuptial agreements growing trend in marriages?

Bobbi and Jacob Gregory said they wouldn't want a post or pre-nup in their marriage. (File/FOX Carolina) Bobbi and Jacob Gregory said they wouldn't want a post or pre-nup in their marriage. (File/FOX Carolina)

Pre-nuptial agreements are well known, a contract signed before a bride and groom say their "I Dos," but a growing trend of post-nuptial agreement has some securing their future post-wedding day.

However one Upstate couple who recently wed said it's not something they would ever consider.

"I think it's a set up for failure," said Bobbi Gregory. "The only people I know who have ever discussed pre-nups or post-nups are all people who have been divorced or are possibly getting divorced. That just don't have the right mindset going into a marriage."

Bobbie and Jacob Gregory are still opening up some of their wedding gifts and reflecting on their ceremony. They said before they married, they met with their pastor for pre-marital counseling and decided what belongs to one, belongs to them both.

"He brought it up, a pre-nup-up... we felt like what's yours is mine and mine is yours," Jacob Gregory said. "I told her not only are you getting married, emotionally and physically, but also financially."

But a recent survey of divorce attorneys said 51 percent of them have seen an increase in post-nuptial agreements in recent years.

Greenville attorney Stuart Anderson said that is not the case among his clients. He said he has seen very few post-nuptial agreements.

A post can be signed at any time or point in a marriage. Some people do it because they are bringing more assets into their marriage.

"Each would have to have his or her own attorney, would have to exchange all financial information," Anderson said.

Some famous couples have signed them. Donald Trump had a few with his former wife Ivana. Reality star and Skinny Girl drink creator Bethenny Frankel signed one after her company took off. But divorces followed for both.

It's the kind of contract the Gregorys said has no place in their marriage. They said they are relying on their faith and love to keep their bond strong in the years ahead.

"If you're already thinking about that, then you probably have some issues you need to work out before you get married," said Bobbie Gregory.

Not all post-ups are for financial reasons. Some have written them limiting weight loss or in the case of a lottery win or valuable inheritance, or even to prevent an affair.

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