Paying it forward: Pink Gun Surprise

Paying it forward: Pink Gun Surprise

JONESBORO, LA (KSLA) - Christmas came early for a second grade ArkLaTex girl. Her family says after putting a hunter's rifle at the top of her Christmas list, a stranger bought the 8 year old the gun.

Kallie Wright's family says the girl has grown up around hunters her entire life, and has been waiting for the chance to hunt with the big boys.

"I just wanted to see if she could hold it up and all that," says her father Danny Carr.

He says when the family was in the Jonesboro Walmart on November 2nd Kallie was playing with a pink .22 rifle.

Kallie says a stranger gave her $120 and told her to buy the gun.

"And he thought that it was the play money that I had, and it wasn't, and he just freaked out," says Kallie.

Carr says he did not believe his daughter at first, until he caught up with the stranger.

"I can't take your money...he says buy that gun for her," says Carr.

Carr says he had plans on putting the gun on Lay-a-way, but with the help from the stranger he was able to buy the gun that day.

"We just call him an angel," says Kallie's mom Bonnie Carr.

The only request by the stranger was that Kallie would learn how to use the gun responsibly. Her family says her big brothers are teaching her how to use the gun.

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