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"Selfie" now evidence in car burglaries


A car burglar that hit an ArkLaTex neighborhood might have left an incriminating calling card in the form of a "selfie."

Oneonta St. was the target of car burglars over the weekend.

"Got up Sunday morning, came out to the car it was parked in my driveway right here by the house," says Kyle Payne, whose car was among those broken into. "As soon as I opened the door, it was unlocked and the glove department was left open."  Still, Payne says he feels lucky that he didn't have much to steal in his car. "We've always felt this neighborhood was a safe neighborhood."

But the thief's brazen behavior is what really bothers him. "It brings a sense of violation you know, to have someone come up in your driveway," said Payne. "I hope police can catch up with this guy and find him, and prosecute him."

According to police, the thief's arrogance could be the piece of evidence that makes that happen. Investigators say another victim reports that the thief took a bragging selfie that featured him with a mouth full of cash, probably not realizing it would be sent to the victim's Apple iCloud, which internet based software used for storage.

"You know that doesn't seem like a very smart move for a criminal to do, to take a picture," said Payne.

We can't show the picture yet, because police are still trying to determine if it is in fact the suspect. But one thing is for sure: It's now a piece of evidence, and police will be working to track down the mystery person with a taste for vanity, and cash.

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