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Fans react to Braves stadium announcement


Atlanta Braves fans have some mixed feelings about the team's plan to leave Turner Field and build a new stadium in Cobb County.

Some fans told us the Braves should stay put for financial and sentimental reasons. Others welcomed the move, looking forward to less traffic in downtown Atlanta.

One fan said he was disappointed with new plan and asked, "What now? The Marietta Braves?"

Another fan agreed and pointed out, "How can you take the Atlanta Braves out of Atlanta?"

Still other fans said they had stadium fatigue and do not believe the Atlanta area needs yet another stadium, especially one partially paid for with taxpayer money.

The Atlanta Braves and Cobb County will foot the bill for this $672 million project.

In a statement the team's officials released earlier they said, "We believe this new site will be the best location for our fans" for the next 30 years."

They added that the Turner Field location has certain insurmountable problems that will increase each year.

Sports radio host J.P. Peterson points out that, "In a modern day world, it's not ‘win' and they will come. It's win, be close to where I live, make it convenient."

Peterson also thinks a lot of people looked forward to the stadium being closer to where most of the ticket buyers are.

"To me this is a location issue and it's a demographic issue. You take the emotions out of it, you look at the demographics where the fans are to where the stadium is now, it doesn't really match up," said Peterson.

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