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'Eagle Alert' on Texas A&M Texarkana campus a drill


An Eagle Alert issued on the Texarkana campus of Texas A&M early Monday afternoon was part of a drill, according to Mayor Bob Bruggeman, who also serves as the university's manager of communications.

The alert was issued around 2 p.m. on the Texas A&M University Texarkana web site, as well as on their Facebook page, and updated with the following at 3:45 p.m:

TAMUT Eagle Drill update

While the "emergency situation" was just a drill, the evacuation was real. Bruggeman says that they wanted to make sure that everyone on campus got the message and followed instructions.

Once the drill was over, Bruggeman released a statement offering an explanation for running the drill without as though it were a real emergency. "The event that occurred on campus earlier today was a drill and part of our ongoing efforts to assure the safety of our campus community. Although we do everything possible to ensure that a real emergency never arises, we must nevertheless plan for the possibility."

The university web site Eagle Alert notice was updated once more around 4 p.m. Monday:

"The A&M-Texarkana Emergency Response Team, campus security, as well as local law enforcement and fire department representatives took part to ensure that safeguards are in place in the event of an actual emergency. We recognize the drill was a disruption and created some anxiety for our community, and we appreciate your cooperation, patience and understanding. We also thank the local agencies who assisted with the drill."

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