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3rd grader left behind after field trip to the fair


The Louisiana State Fair is supposed to be a fun time for a child, but it turned into a nightmare for one Creswell Elementary student who was left there after a field trip Thursday. It wasn't until everyone was back in the classroom when the school got a call that one of the students was still at the fair. While investigators are looking for answers, 3 Creswell Elementary School teachers are on paid administrative leave. "It's worrisome because there's a lot of bad people these days" Ashlyn Barnett, a fair visitor, says.

"The boy was found just kind of wandering aimlessly on his own so they knew something was wrong and brought him to the lost children's area" Chris Giordano, with the State Fair, says. Police radioed all officers on the fair grounds to put them on the alert to find who was responsible for the child. Turns out, those responsible for him had already boarded a bus and driven back to school.

"They called Creswell Elementary immediately and ended up speaking to the principal there. At that time, the principal came out to the fair to pick the child up and get the child back at school" Giordano says. The little boy was left alone at the fair for more than half an hour.

"The parents put their children's lives in the hands of a teacher; I think they should pay more attention" Barnett says.

 "Keep a close eye on those children, before you leave the fair make sure you account for each child you brought to the fair" Giordano advises. KSLA News 12 spoke with Creswell parents, most of them had not heard one boy was left behind.

"Anxiety, stress, craziness, I am so glad it wasn't my son and I can't believe that that happened. What was the teacher doing?" Aukeiah Jackson, a Creswell mother, says.

Most of the parents we spoke to say they will chaperone their children on the next field trip, even if they have to take off work. The little boy who was left at the fair is doing fine

Caddo Parish does have policies for making sure children make it to and from field trips safely. They include several head counts and the buddy system. Teachers make sure students know, if they get separated from the group, to find a police officer for help.

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