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Angry Virginians blame Affordable Care Act for canceled health plans

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Some Virginians are upset after receiving letters notifying them their current plans will be ending due to the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Sheri Perkinson of Henrico got a letter from her health insurance company six months ago.

"[My plan] was no longer going to be available because of the Affordable Care Act, and I would have to select a new plan," said Perkinson of what was written in the letter from her insurer.

However, Perkinson says the plans she's since researched are considerably more expensive than what she's paying now. The mother-of-two spends nearly $400 a month for an individual plan.

"It looks like I'll pay probably $150 to $200 more a month," continued Perkinson. "I work very hard and that just means I'm going to have to work much harder and cut expenses somewhere... maybe that my kids will not be able to do some of the things they do now."

However, supporters for the Affordable Care Act say all insurance plans will now offer important benefits, unlike before.

"The new plans all cover pre-existing conditions... comprehensive services," described Jill Hanken, of Enroll Virginia, which is helping people sign up for the federal health exchange. Hanken suggests that if you're not satisfied with what your insurer is now offering you, take a look at the president's plan.

"I hope everybody really takes their time and considers what their options are. Go ahead and look online to see what offerings are on," added Hanken.

Still, many are upset that their current coverage is changing, and could get pricier.

"It's not fair when you have a plan that you like, that is affordable for you… for you to have to then go to something that is much more expensive," said Perkinson.

Hanken says glitches in the site have been solved, and the site is running much smoother.

President Obama said in an NBC News interview at the White House that his administration is hoping to work out a solution, so people can keep their current healthcare plans.

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