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Bossier backyard washes away each time it rains

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For one Bossier family, every time a heavy rain rolls through, a portion of their Dogwood South backyard disappears. Richard Barron explained since 2005, his land washes down to a common area owned by the home owners association. "It is very frustrating," said Barron.   

"All the area you see down there was level with our yard," Barron said as he pointed toward his yard. Barron said he spent thousands of dollars filling the dirt back in, even hiring a contractor to put up a retaining wall.  "We've given up money we've set aside for summer vacations, just to repair our yard, just to watch it all disappear on us over the winter when it rains," he explained. 

Barron believes the wash out is caused by a PVC pipe under their yard, that parish leaders say is an abandoned pipe left by the developer. But when he contacted the developer, he was told the association is now responsible for the land past his fence.  

"All I'm asking is for the homeowners association to repair their common area, so I can make a repair to mine," he said. Home Owner Association Board Member David Siebert tells KSLA News 12, Barron's efforts to fix the problem himself may have caused his backyard to sink in more. "The gully which has developed on HOA property seems to be a result of the situation on Mr. Barron's property and the work his contractor did on HOA property without the consent of the HOA," wrote Siebert in an email.

"Mr. Barron stated his contractor cut out the pipe in his yard and that has been thrown on HOA property instead of being disposed of properly.  The contractor built a plastic wall on HOA property that I guess sand was backfilled against but did not fill in the entire wash out and pack the dirt to keep it in place," Siebert explained. 

But Barron explained he's just doing whatever it takes to save his property. "If we didn't fill it every year and just let it go, it would just keep creeping, but at least every summer when we fill it, it had something to wash out without taking new stuff and making it to the house," said Barron. 
Sibert explained to KSLA News 12, the association does want to work together with Barron. The board has met to talk about this issue and said they are going to get a contractor to look at the area to find a cause and solution.

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