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Teachers talk about what Goree was like in the classroom


After a long and controversial process, Caddo Parish is welcoming their new superintendent. Theodis Goree has spent the last nine years in the Mansfield, Texas school district. He is a product of the Caddo Parish school system. KSLA News 12 spoke with some of his high school teachers at Huntington about what he was like when he walked the halls that he will now oversee.

 "I am taking this very personally. I am in a very rare position; there are not many teachers who are still in the educational system who lives to see their student become their superintendent" Deloris Lynch, Goree's former English teacher, says.

"He was such a great student when he was here at Huntington. He participated in football and some of the other activities. He was very smart, but he wasn't one of those people that flaunted it over you" Barbra Bellar, Goree's former Psychology teacher, says. They say those are qualities that may prove valuable for the new superintendent over struggling Caddo parish schools and what some are calling a dysfunctional school board.

"When I saw the 13 names, I said I doubt that any of these names would be a better superintendent for us than you based on how you were in school" Lynch says. Barbra Bellar and Deloris Lynch say it doesn't seem so long ago when Theodis Goree was walking the Huntington High School hallways as their student.

When Goree was at Caddo Parish's Huntington High, he topped his classes and played football, was in ROTC, honor society, key club, and the list goes on. "In the activities he was involved in, they usually voted him to be their leader. President of the senior class, an officer in the honor society" Lynch says.

Not only did he lead his class, they thought he looked good doing it. "He was voted best dressed here, even though he dressed differently from any of the other students" Lynch says. Bellar agrees that he "wore great sweaters. It was just the patterns and the bright colors and it just kind of made him stand out."

These teachers are excited to see how the student they influenced will influence them. "His fellow students voted him most likely to succeed and I think he's done that" Bellar says. Goree will pick up his superintendent duties on December first. At that point, he says he plans on strengthening the relationship between the school, the home and the community.

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