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Uncounted ballots: Recount in the works for Carthage alcohol sales propositions


A recount is in the works for Tuesday's ballots on a pair of propositions allowing alcohol sales in Carthage, after it was discovered that not all of the votes cast were counted.

The Panola Watchman reports that documents show that 984 votes were cast but only 908 votes for Proposition 1 and 907 votes for Proposition 2 were counted. The difference of 76 votes could change the outcome of both propositions.

Proposition 1, allowing for the sale of alcoholic beverages in Carthage restaurants, passed by just 10 votes. Proposition 2 would allow the sale of alcohol in Carthage stores for off-premise consumption.  It failed by just 19 votes. 

Carthage Elections Administrator Cheyenne Lampley said the mistake boils down to human error.

Some local churches are preparing to pay for a recount of the ballots because of the small margin in the tallies.

The ballots have been secured since the election workers left the Registrar's Office late Tuesday night.

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