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Kitten stuck in Bossier City tree with no one to help


It is a situation that you think must happen all the time. A little kitten howling for help way up in a tree that was about 25 feet above the ground at Thompson and East 3rd in Bossier City.

"Look at it way up there, there's been a cat up there for 2 days and can't get no help to get the cat down", said Valerie Brooks.

The neighbors heard his howls and wanted to help. They called the sheriff's office, police, and fire department, but that left them feeling even more helpless.  "That's a shame, we called everyone no one would come and help", Brooks said.

"They told us they can't help us, they can't get him down. They say he'll come down when he gets hungry. The fire department says that they don't do it anymore but he's been up there for 2 days. So we know he's hungry but he's so far up", Brooks says.

Unlike the cartoons we grow up watching, the fire department cannot raise their ladder to rescue him. They say they need to stay prepared to help people if an emergency should happen. "They're just like humans too, they're animals, I love animals they need to be helped too",  Ramona Thomas said.

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