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Bullying hurts, but there is help

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Bullying isn't what it used to be. It's worse, and these days, it's increasingly become a matter of life and death for some kids.

They just the big, mean kids on the school yard. They can be just about anyone. And today, they are even more vicious and hurtful than ever, especially with new technology and social media.

"A generation ago if we were picked on at school we could go home and that was a safe haven. We could escape from what is happening," said Centenary College psychologist Dr. Amy Hammond. "And now all of those bullies follow us into our home not our bedrooms into our Facebook page into our text messages and there is not escape. These kids are bombarded 24-7"

If you think bullying is just a normal part of life, think again. Bullying can even lead to death.

"While we might say kids will be kids it's no big deal when I was a kid this happened they will be fine. Things are different now," said Centenary College psychologist Dr. Amy Hammond.

Join us Monday on KSLA News 12 at 5 and 6 as we investigate the dangers of bullying, and what can be done now to put an end to it.

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