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KSLA News 12 Editorial: October 31st-Texas Voter I.D.

There is an election in Texas on November 5th. On the ballot, nine proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution.

But the real significance of this election day is this will be the first statewide election where voters are required to show a government issued photo I.D. It's a controversial new law in Texas seen by some as a way to keep minorities from voting. Others say it will prevent voter fraud. Whatever the reason, it is the law in the Lone Star State.

For an estimated 1.4 million eligible voters, that will be a problem because they currently don't have a photo I.D.

Interest in the November 5th election will be low, but there are major elections next year. So, if you live in Texas and want to vote, it's time to get a photo I.D.

I'm James Smith.

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