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Diversity Works Job Fair gives disabled job seekers hope for employment

Posted: Updated: Oct 30, 2013 10:07 PM CDT

Hundreds showed up to the Diversity Works Job Fair at the Bossier Civic Center on Wednesday, a fair geared specifically for the disabled.

27-year-old Eddisha Morris was one of the job seekers who attended. She says has been searching for a job for two months. As it is for many job seekers, the hunt has been tough. But for her, the process has an added level of difficulty because of her disability. She's deaf. "It's really hard to find a job. It really is. It's hard to get hired," says Morris.

An interpreter helps Morris explain to KSLA News 12 that when she heard about the fair, she knew she had to attend. "It's been a good experience."

With 31 companies handing out applications to around 250 special needs applicants, Eddisha's grandmother, Gloria Armstead, says the fair has renewed her hope her grand daughter will find a job in a field she likes. "It makes me feel really good and it makes me feel there are things out there for the hearing impaired."

Armstead's reaction is exactly the kind job fair chair Elizabeth Williams loves to see. "I'm watching people walk out with smiles, happy, that hey someone is looking past my barriers."

Together, Morris and her grandmother walked out of the job fair feeling hopeful that an employer will give her a chance.

It's too early to tell how many of Wednesday's job fair applicants will get hired, but the Louisiana Workforce Commission reports a hundred people got jobs from last year's job fair.

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