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Halliburton shooter fired gun at 'offices of some mid-level managers'


Police have not yet arrested the armed man who fired a gun into a Kilgore Halliburton facility Monday night.     

According to police, at around 10:30 p.m., a man, armed with a rifle, fired several shots into a building. That Halliburton facility is located off FM 349 near Highway 259. That's northwest of downtown Kilgore.     

Monday night, KLTV was on the scene as Kilgore Police, Kilgore College Police and the Gregg County Sheriff's Office investigated the gunfire. When authorities arrived, the suspect had already taken off.

Tuesday, Halliburton's corporate offices said their Kilgore facility was secure.

Signs posted outside of Halliburton make it clear that weapons are not allowed, but Kilgore police say a man armed with a rifle drove onto the property Monday.

According to police, the gunman approached the security hut and intimidated the guard with the rifle, forcing him to leave his post.

"The person drove straight to the frack building and shot at several offices of some mid-level managers. That lends us to believe it was probably a former employee," says Kilgore Assistant Police Chief Roman Roberson.

According to Kilgore Police, witnesses described the gunman as a white male, with tattoos on his arms and maybe some facial hair. Monday night, police say, he was wearing a white tank top.

Police add that he was driving a white truck with temporary tags-- a truck that's sure to blend in on the Halliburton facility.

Tuesday, police worked with Halliburton management to get surveillance video of the suspect. They say it's only a matter of time before they know who he is.

"We feel confident that we'll have this person arrested and identified shortly," says Roberson.

Kilgore residents speculated that the shooting might have been spurred by a recent string of layoffs. However, Halliburton's corporate offices in Houston would not make much comment, other than to confirm that an incident happened Monday night and that no one was injured.

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