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Behind-the-scenes Halloween tips from 'Sleepy Hollow'


With Halloween just days away, if people are still scrambling for a costume, they may get some ideas from big-time Hollywood professionals.

FOX Carolina's Dana Wachter went behind the scenes of the new hit FOX television show Sleepy Hollow and learned how makeup and hair artists create sometimes too realistic spooks and scares.

The show features witches, creatures and demons, all crafted with care by FOX's Sleepy Hollow hair and makeup teams. They make for some pretty creepy visions.

Damian Kindler is co-executive producer. He said sometimes their creations can be so scary that he's freaked out by his own work.

"We all want to know what the sandman does when he invades your dreams, but you kind of what to feel a little bit of regret that you joined that journey, ‘cause it's going to be super scary," said Kindler.

Kindler said he doesn't like scary movies and still asks himself why he ended up working on such a scary show.

Someone who says he doesn't have nightmares though is the makeup artist himself.

Corey Castellano, director for makeup, explained why. "Because I get to see everything from the beginning to the end. So, I see it from the written page, to the hiring of an actor to actually executing it on stage."

It takes hours of makeup and hair work to get the look of these scarers and even the historical characters.

Hair department director K.G. Ramsey said actor Tom Mison, who plays Ichabad Crane, wears his long black revolutionary style coat, but it's not enough.

Mison sits in Ramsey's trailer for an hour and a half before shooting, he said, to get his wig fitting and attached securely.

Ramsey said his teams look through history books to find the right colonial hairdos.

For a do-it-yourself Ichabad costume, Ramsey suggests, "Go and buy a wig from a reasonably priced wig store and they can create any one of these looks very very simply. You just get a couple of rolls on the side, take it back, cluster it in some curls. If [people] want to get something that's a little bit ornate and more authentic to a dressier period of the colonial times in the 18th century, you could do something like this [shows wig]."

He said anyone can do it by watching Sleepy Hollow or finding pictures online and creating the rolls of hair on the side of one's head.

A straight, classic blonde wig can make for a wizard, Ramsey said, and for an Ichabad Crane costume, a regular brown wig will suffice.

Checking into Upstate costume shops, FOX Carolina found that there aren't many premade costumes to become Ichabad or Abbie Mills, but near downtown Greenville, Costume Curio has 1770s style coats, dresses, and revolutionary war garb for the historic "Ichabad" or "Katrina" style.

There is much more behind-the-scenes interviews and video from the set of Sleepy Hollow. Be sure to watch FOX Carolina News Tonight in the coming weeks for one-on-ones with the stars and to hear more from the creators on how it's all put together.

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