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Girl recognized for 911 call


It's a 911 call involving the smallest of heroes: A little girl somehow managed to survive a nightmarish car crash and crawl from the wreckage. This profile in courage is a story you'll only see on KSLA News 12.

Eight year old Timea Sigler will never forget the morning that would forever change her life. But on this Friday, October 25, the Sheriff in Panola County, Texas put Sigler in the spotlight for her courageous actions three and a half years ago.

Panola County Sheriff Kevin Lake announced "At this time, it's my pleasure to present the Angels in Action award and some very nice gifts that we'll being out in just a second to Timea Sigler for her brave actions in properly using the 911 system," and student erupted in applause.

It all took place inside Libby Elementary School in Carthage, Texas as they saluted Timea who survived a car crash that killed her mother and little brother back on June 10th, 2010. Somehow she survived, crawled out of the wreckage, flagged down a truck driver, who then called 911 on his cell phone.

TRUCK DRIVER: "She said her momma's dead."
TRUCK DRIVER: "That's what she just said."
DISPATCHER: (Sigh) "Little girl just told (her) that her mom was dead. So, somebody needs to get out there."

The truck driver then handed the phone to Timea, who did her best to describe her mother's injuries to the dispatcher:

TIMEA SIGLER: "She's busted."
SIGLER: "She's busted."
DISPATCHER: "She busted?"
SIGLER: "Yes."

Now a third grader, Timea fought back tears recalling how the accident happened. Her mother was driving. Next thing she remembers, the car flipped over. "I just remember that we was turning back to go back home. My momma forgot something and we flipped over. I woke up. I was trying to get help."

Sheriff Lake and deputies presented Timea with a bicycle and a gift basket, which put a smile on her face. "I think it's pretty nice. I'm glad."

Timea now lives with her grandmother, June Taylor, who told us: "She's doing good. She do more comforting me than anything."

The ceremony ended with Sheriff Lake making Timea a promise: "And if anything that law enforcement can ever do for you, you come see Sheriff Kevin and we'll make it happen, okay?" Timea nodded and classmates applauded, a fitting end to an emotional ceremony.

The Panola County Sheriff's Office presented Timea Sigler with the Angels in Action award. It's given out to children ranging from 3-to-12 years of age who successfully use 911 during an emergency.

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