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East Texas student suspension gets national attention


The report of an in-school suspension of an East Texas student over a dress code violation is getting national attention. 

There are two very different versions of the story. It started when a Spring Hill school student was, according to district officials, wearing a t-shirt deemed "outside the acceptable dress code." The district has taken numerous phone calls and emails over the incident, they say, but the district has a very different story to tell.  

The middle school student was sent to in-school suspension for refusing to take off a shirt that school officials found outside the dress code.  The father of the student says the shirt design included the words 'God, guns and country' and had a  Bible verse on it.  The father claims a constitutional issue. 

But in a letter the district superintendent sent out to parents today it was stated that no student has been suspended or placed in ISS for wearing a shirt related to weapons, and further that "the shirt that has been depicted on Facebook is not the shirt that the student wore to school that day."

The district did not release exactly what  it was that the student had on his shirt that was outside the acceptable dress code.  The district says that because of student confidentiality they are not at liberty to speak publicly about this individual students situation.

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