Knock It Off members spin the fat off

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The Knock It Off team spent a day spinning the weigh off.  The team was invited to participate in a spin class at the YMCA Downtown Shreveport.  Charlotte Hinson is a spin instructor and put the team through a rigorous 45 minute spinning exercise.

Hinson says, "The purpose of one ride might resistance. The purpose of another ride might be speed and another ride might be skill related. So we try to make it fun and get their minds off of the workout."

Team member, LaTara Daniel says the workout was hard but worth the pain.  LaTara and 11 others have committed to a healthier lifestyle by eating healthier and finding ways to exercise.

We will wrap up our KSLA News 12 Knock It Off weight loss challenge with a finale weigh in mid-November.

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