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Mom wants kid's medical records after Dr. dies


The death of a local pediatrician has left a vacuum of information - one Shreveport woman reached out to KSLA News 12 for help getting her children's medical records.

Dr. Linda Harris passed away in June, and since then some of her patients have gone to other doctors, and need their child's medical records.
Federal law says those records must be maintained, and they must be made available to the parents.

But Christina Dungan says they have not been made available to her.

She says recently she called the Wee Care Pediatric Center located on North Market to schedule an appointment for her daughter but there was no answer.

Dungan eventually went to the ER, and was told that Dr. Harris had died.

when she took her daughter to another doctor, and asked for her records she says she got nowhere.

"I have called a couple of the doctor's offices that I was told they were taking patients and they have told me they have a stack of medical request they can't get the records either," said Dungan.

We called the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals to find out if Dungan could petition the state for the records, but we're told the records fall under HIPAA, which are federal guidelines, meaning our questions should be aimed at federal agencies.  

We also reached out to U.S. Representative John Fleming's office for help. Staffers said they'll look into the matter, and sent us a link to a law regarding healthcare information. Revised Statute 40:1299.96 states "Each health care provider shall furnish each patient, upon request of the patient, a copy of any information related in any way to the patient which the health care provider has transmitted to any company, or any public or private agency, or any person".

Dungan says she's been told Dr. Harris' daughter has access to the hardcopy records and they have been placed in a storage facility.

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