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Louisiana State Police urge parents to be vigilant on Halloween night


It's that time of year again, time for pumpkins and costumes, but it's also when danger could be lurking in the shadows on Halloween night.

Though that's the furthest thing from the mind of the children at the Missions Pumpkin Patch in Bossier on Tuesday afternoon, they were too busy picking out pumpkins to take home.

"That one, that one, and that one," said one boy, who pointed at each pumpkin and it isn't just the kids looking forward to Halloween, "I like to decorate the house and do the pumpkins," said Cynthia Kleinertz, a Bossier grandmother who enjoys celebrating Halloween with the kids.

While the holiday is meant to be fun, Louisiana State Police say there can be a harsh reality: child predators. That's why they encourage parents to take some time to do research to see if any offenders are on your trick-or-treating route.

There are several sex offender search apps available for smart phones or you can go to your sheriffs website to see how many sex offenders live in your neighborhood. But even with the possible threat, Kleinertz says it's not a huge concern for her family. "We don't have to worry about it too much because we are there with them," she said.

Other parents said they avoid knocking on stranger's doors completely by going to church sponsored trick or treat events.

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