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Video of violent fight in high school cafeteria surfaces online


A violent fight in the school cafeteria at one East Texas high school left some students injured, with other facing criminal charges. The fight broke out at around 7:50 A.M. Wednesday in the Robert E. Lee High School cafeteria in Tyler.

The video, which surfaced and spread through Facebook, shows what appears to be some sort of argument between just two students. That argument quickly escalated as more students joined the fight.

The video lasts for over two minutes, showing some students getting knocked to the ground as others tried to breaking it up.Then it continued outdoors.

“The students moved outside to one of the breeze-ways and the fight ensued again,” said Tyler Independent School Disrict spokesperson Dawn Parnell. “There were a couple of other teachers that were able to break it up at that point.”

Tyler ISD said the fight lasted somewhere between five and six minutes. Not once during the video does a school resource officer step in to break up the brawl.

The district said an officer was on campus, just not near the location where the fight broke out.

“In this particular situation, teachers and administrators that were on duty were closer to the situation, so they intervened at that time,” Parnell said.

TISD would not confirm how many students were involved in the fight, nor would they confirm whether or not those students returned to school on Monday stating, “the appropriate disciplinary actions were taken.”

Some students not only posted the video on Facebook, but also admitted to being punished by the district. Two of the students posted online that they had been suspended, then sent to the juvenile attention center, charged with assault.

The district said some students did suffer minor injuries, but none were sent to the hospital. They added that even though a resource officer is not seen in the video, administrators and teachers responded “within seconds.”

Because the case involves minors, the school district will not be releasing any of the individuals' identities.

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