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Video evidence: Marcus Taylor describes Tavia Sills' murder


KSLA News 12 has obtained video evidence that jurors heard, but weren't allowed to see during the trial of Marcus Taylor, convicted Friday of manslaughter in the murder of Tavia Sills.

The video showing Taylor taking police step-by-step on a tour of the murder scene was not allowed to be shown at trial.

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Sill's ex-boyfriend, Lamondre Tucker, was sentenced to death by lethal injection for her murder back in July 2011. Taylor was convicted of manslaughter on Friday, after prosecutors convinced the jury that he helped Tucker carry out the killing.

During the trial, prosecutors tried to have video of Taylor's visit to the scene of the crime with investigators entered into evidence, but the defense objected and the jurors were only allowed to hear audio from the video.

In the video, Taylor shows investigators how he and Tucker carried out Sills' murder.

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