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12-year-old girls say pantsless man tried to lure them into car


A Shreveport family says they are terrified to let their daughter walk home from school alone, after she told them a man tried to lure her into his car.

"Scared to death," says Bridget Banks. "My children are my life."

Banks' daughter says she was approached by a man in a white 4-door car and tried to speak to her and her friend, and they say it wasn't the first time it had happened.

This time, however, they saw something that made them run the other way. "I noticed he didn't have any bottoms on, any pants. I told her we needed to turn around," recalls Amanda Keene.

Banks' daughter, Christen Greer says: "Before she said that, I was like ‘Hey you should buckle up,' and he was like, ‘I'm trying to cool off.'"

The two 6th graders say it happened during the 6-block walk home from Youree Drive Middle School. They say the man was in a white Toyota Camry.

The Banks have filed a report with police. In the meantime, parents in the area are keeping a closer eye on their kids as they walk to and from school. "It's scary, it's very scary. If they had walked to the car, with someone in the back seat that they didn't see, had he opened the door, we'd never see the kids again," Banks says.

The girls describe the man as having short brown hair. They say his Camry has an "Orr" front license plate.

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