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Lightning strikes just yards from Texas fisherman


Fishing is generally not thought of as a dangerous sport, but when you're dealing with the great outdoors you never know what will happen.

Over the weekend Tucker Owings was fishing on Lake Athens when a storm blew in. And, as we found out, what Tucker experienced was electrifying.

Tucker Owings has caught more than his fair share of bass, even at 16 years old. If he looks like a professional angler, it's because he has been for two years. So it's no surprise he was on a lake Saturday doing what he loves to do. He and a friend cut it short when lightning struck near the boat. Heading back, things heated up again.

"We started the engine, took off and out of nowhere that flash popped just right in front of the boat," Tucker said.

The lightning hit the water just yards in front of his boat.

"It was really loud. I had a really bad headache for the rest of the day. I don't know if it was from the noise or the explosion. I couldn't tell you if the sound barrier hit me or if it was the actual charge of the explosion. But my hair was definitely standing on end. It scared me because it came out of nowhere," Tucker revealed.

Tucker figured it might be time to call it quits.

We got up on land and we didn't even bother trailering the boat. We just beached it and ran to shelter. It was a fishing shack. We stayed there and let it pass," Tucker explained.

And if you take a look at the bolt slowed down, you can see that lightning strikes not just once, but seven times in the same place. Tucker says he wouldn't have the shot at all, but he accidentally left the camera running.

He also says as far as cooking up his catch, he'll stick to something a little less dangerous, like a grill.

A little close lightning hit didn't scare Tucker off the lake for long. He got right back out there after the storm passed.

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