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FCC Butner employees working without pay

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The effects of the government shutdown are being felt in North Carolina's prisons. Employees at FCC Butner were given their final partial paychecks this week and that's not sitting well with some staffers.

William Boseman has been a correctional officer with the Butner Federal Correctional Complex for more than a decade and said this week, he received a partial paycheck, with a letter from the government explaining that would be his last until Congress figures something out.

"How long, am I going to be able to maintain and hold on, without getting a full paycheck" asked Boseman. "I will not quit. But I do need our Congressmen and Senators to do what they need to do, to get this Country back on its feet."

Boseman said the Butner complex is home to some of the country's and world's most dangerous criminals, and said he'll continue working to "protect society". He said although he is not getting paid, the inmates are.

Cheryl Daniel is a nurse at FCC Butner and said when she received her final paycheck she was furious as well.

"How do they [employees] get to work? How do they get to daycare? How do they carry out the normal functions of every day life, and still come to work?" said Daniel.

Both Daniel and Boseman said they are members of the local union and recently went to D.C. to protest, since they can't legally strike.



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