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LSU Hospital ex-employee says he was not hired back

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Right now, thousands of LSU Hospital employees have been re-hired at University Health, but that is not the case for everyone. "I don't think I should be fired. I should still have a job, I have perfect attendance record, I do what I'm told and that's the reason" Gregory Harris, ex-employee for LSU Hospital, says.

Harris says he has worked for LSU Hospital for more than 8 years as a mechanic. "My bills are not being paid, I'm upset. It's rough, just think about 8 years of doing something and go from that to nothing" Harris says.

"They were put out on the streets, they didn't get any severance or anything" Sandra Mack, with the University Health Union, says. Harris has not been hired back with University Health. "I'm sure I'm not the only one" he says. He says he applied for 3 different jobs. "They were treated unjustly" Mack says.

KSLA News 12 spoke with University Health. They say they have hired back more than 90% of the LSU employees who re-applied. "I feel like someone should give me a reason for me not being at work" Harris says.

Harris says he, and a group of ex-employees, spoke with a local senator to try and get their jobs, and benefits, back. "Definitely unfair, it goes back to 8 years of working one place and you've been there and you have nothing. One day you have a check, the next you don't have a check, its rough" Harris says.

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