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Commercial cell phone call turns 30 on Sunday

Image from Verizon Wireless Image from Verizon Wireless
Image from Verizon Wireless Image from Verizon Wireless

Sunday, Oct. 13, 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the first commercial cell phone call.

The first commercial wireless phone call was made on October 13, 1983 by Bob Barnett, President of Ameritech Mobile Communications.

Barnett called Alexander Graham Bell's grandson from Soldier Field in Chicago on a phone that weighed almost two pounds. Ameritech has since turned in to Verizon Wireless.

Here are some important dates in the evolution of cell (Information provided by Verizon Wireless):

  • 1983 - First cell phone call
  • 1986 - 300,000 people have cell phones
  • 1989 - First flip phone
  • 1992 - First text sent
  • 2000 - 100 million people have cell phones
  • 2002 - 3G is launched
  • 2008 - iTunes App Store & Android Market Open
  • 2012 - 325 million cell phone subscribers

Check out the photos to see what else has changed about the cell phone.

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