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Bossier City Officials: your water is safe.


We looked into the process of cleaning the water on both sides of the Red River.

The newly renovated and upgraded water treatment facility located on Hamilton Road has the capacity of treating 50 million gallons of water a day, using a technology called low pressure membrane micro-filtration. 

The treatment plant also uses Chlorine - enough Chlorine so that even with the new standards, Bossier City's residual Chlorine levels remain well above the recommended amount.

"The Department of Health and Hospitals recommends we have to keep a .5 level of Chlorine residue in the system, we go a little but above that and we maintain levels constantly," said Bossier City Public Information Officer, Mark Natale.
Bossier city maintains a residual level of 1.

Water treatment personnel carry out 70 random tests per month - and the city is said to have a 10- year winning streak for water quality awards.

Water treatment officials in Caddo Parish also offer reassurances, saying there's no cause for concern, and that they are increasing the amount of Chlorine as the DHH has strongly recommended.

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