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MLK resident glad to see repairs to sewer lines


Last month KSLA News 12 introduced you to Lee Marshall, he lives on Victor Street in Shreveport's MLK neighborhood. Marshall says he's been faced with an unsightly view and nasty smell for years: Bubbling raw sewage in his yard.

Marshall called KSLA News 12 to help him get answers.

"The Whole weekend, still got sewage on the side of my house," said Marshall while looking at sewage in his yard last week.

He's feeling better about things today, after seeing the city's progress repairing the collapsed sewer line, which caused his yard to fill with sewage.
"I think they are trying to move forward now they really doing something up here," said Marshall.

His yard is still in bad shape, and the smell of sewage is still very strong,but he hasn't seen sewage in his yard for several days.

"As long as they're working, I'm happy," said Marshall.

He says before we showed up, the repairs were temporary, and few and far between.  
 "Because of KSLA they are trying to do it," said Marshall.

But we can't take all the credit.

The city's water department says when workers began digging they were just going to patch the line, but the more street they dug up, the more problems they found - so the decision was made to dig 12 feet down, and replace the 8 inch sewer line, all 120 feet of it.

"They patched it last time, and if they repair it this time I'm happy because sometimes this raw sewage come in my yard," said Marshall.

The Shreveport's Water Department Assistant Superintendent, Lonnie Fouts says the repairs took a little longer than expected because of rain.

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