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One-armed East Texas man determined to play softball


An East Texas man who lost his arm in a drunk driving accident is not letting it stop him from playing the game he loves, softball. You can find him batting, catching, and throwing on the fields of Tyler just like anyone else.

However, Marquie Acy says he is lucky to be alive.

"I was given a second chance at life," said Marquie.

Marquie says he is taking full advantage of it. His wife Regina Acy says the journey has not been easy.

"At first it was real hard because he took it pretty hard at first," said Regina.

Marquie says he asked himself one question, and it was that question that changed everything.

"Why not me? I was blessed to live the car accident. The other driver didn't make it, so I was just like, 'why not me?' and go on with life," said Marquie. "God spared my life so I'll just go on, and make the best of it."

Marquie is doing just that, and making the best of his life playing the sport he enjoys most.

"I love playing softball," said Marquie.

His wife even questioned how Marquie was going to play.

"With him having one arm, I didn't think he could do it," said Regina. "But he does it, and he does well. He is good. He's real good! When you see him out there it's amazing. It's an inspiration. It brings tears to your eyes." 

For Marquie, he didn't have to think twice about getting back on the field.

"I find myself just doing stuff, and then I didn't ask myself how I was going to do it. I just do it," said Marquie. 

It was a sport Marquie has played all his life. He says having one arm wasn't going to stop him.

"I just love playing softball because that's just what I do," said Marquie. "I played baseball growing up as a kid, and I loved the sport. Win or loose, I'm having fun out there, and I think a lot of people feed off of me."

If there's one person feeding off of his accomplishments, it's his number one fan, his daughter.

"He can play with one arm, and he's very good at hitting softballs," said Kyambria Acy, Marquie's daughter. "He's the best dad I ever had. I'm super proud. I'm very, very proud."

Marquie is proving you can do what you set your mind too, one swing at a time.

Marquie not only plays softball, he also drives a stick shift, rides motorcycles, shoots pool, and says his new hobby is playing golf. Marquie says he shoots between a 95-100.

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