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Government shutdown questions: you asked, we answered


Many KSLA News 12 viewers posted on our Facebook page with their questions and concerns over the government shutdown.

Here are some of the big questions viewers asked. We searched for the answers.

Will Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits shut down? "My husband is retired Army."

  • According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, benefits will continue as long as the shutdown does not last longer than one month. At that point, we may see the VA benefits stop due to lack of funding by late October.
  • Will the post office close?

  • Post offices will stay open and continue to operate as normal. It says so here at the top of the USPS website.
  • What about the food stamp office? Will food stamps still be issued this month? Will the office take any new applications?

  • Food stamps will be issued as usual. However, no new clients can sign up to receive them. According to the Department of Children and Family Services for Louisiana,"October benefits for SNAP (food stamps), Child Care Assistance (CCAP), Cash Assistance (FITAP), and Kinship Care (KCSP) will NOT be impacted by the federal government shutdown."
  • Will I still receive Social Security?

  • Yes. Social Security Income payments will still go out as scheduled. The Social Security Office will not issue new or replacement Social Security cards, replace your Medicare card, or issue a proof of income letter.
  • It's hunting season and the national parks and other federal properties are closed. Where can I go hunting?

  • According to agents with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, federal property and national parks will be closed for recreational use, such as camping. Sgt. Troy Parker with the Enforcement Division of LDWF said hunters can still hunt deer and small game on federal property as well as state property, as long as hunters have the proper licenses.
  • Parker told KSLA News 12 that hunters also shouldn't have a problem getting those licenses and permits during the government shutdown.
  • "As far as access to any properties that government owns or state owned, they will be open and we will be out in force to enforce the laws as we always have," Parker said. "Shouldn't be any kind of difficulties in access to the properties. All the gates will be open to the properties that they [hunters] normally access."
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