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Government shutdown sends Lake Wright Patman campers home


Unhappy campers are having to cut their stay short at Lake Wright Patman near Texarkana, thanks to the government shutdown.

Wayne Johntson is one of those unhappy campers. "I think it is a bunch of crap. All of a sudden they come out here and tell you got to leave."

"I think it is ridiculous because a bunch of us come out here to try and stay a little while," says Clyde Harper, another camper told to leave Tuesday. "As of 8 o'clock tonight, they are shutting the park down so we had to get our stuff and get going," says Randell Erwin.

Erwinn, from Foreman, says he doesn't think they need to shut it down. "it is just a bunch of hard heads not getting together on stuff."

"We hate it we hate that this is happening, but we have got to do what we have to do," says Mike Bransford with the Corps of Enginees and manager of the park. He says there are nearly 400 campsites at Lake Wright Patman, and all will have to be vacated because the staff - both government and contract - can not be paid during the shutdown.

The Corps of Engineers says campers will be reimbursed for reservation days cut short. They say all other reservations will be honored after an agreement is reached on the federal budget.

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