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Government shutdown affects East Texas lake, campers and employees

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The government shutdown is effecting one East Texas lake in a big way. The Army Corps of Engineers is closing six recreational areas of Lake O' the Pines at 8:00 Wednesday. Lake O' the Pines ACoE employees worked through the day, not knowing when they might be back.

"I thought, 'oh no, is it really going to happen?' It's everyday life, it's the place you work and everybody has to make a living and pay their bills," says CoE employee Brooke Burns.  

Six areas administered by the Corps had to be cleared of current visitors.

"Our facilities at Lake O' the Pines, our public facilities, are closed at this time, like most other recreational lands across the country. Asked the guests who were currently staying with us to leave because the parks were going to be closed," says Ricky Maxey, a natural resource specialist with the Army Corps of Engineers.

All parks at Lake O' the Pines which are administered by the CoE have been shut down, and all employees of the Corps will finish out the day and go home on furlough until further notice.

"The majority of our personnel will be at home on furlough, not sure whether we're going to get paid. We've been knowing this might happen for some time. We were notified on the first of October," Maxey says.   

"We're certainly concerned about our paychecks and our jobs, but we're also concerned about our users and we want them to benefit from the parks," says Maxey.  

And there's an economic impact that worries surrounding businesses.

"It's going to take a lot of business away from us because we're no longer going to have the campers out here as long as they're shut down, and they spend their money here, and we're not going to have that," says Brushy Creek convenience store worker April Jobson.

Army Corps of Engineers officials tell us that everyone who had reservations at the facilities will be notified and have their money refunded.

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