Parents share video of possible daycare abuse

Parents share video of possible daycare abuse
Tammi Hilliard, 28 and Doris Williams, 49 (Source: Bossier Sheriff's Office)
Tammi Hilliard, 28 and Doris Williams, 49 (Source: Bossier Sheriff's Office)

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - Parents said more should have been done to protect their children after surveillance video showed possible daycare abuse at Bellaire Learning Center in Bossier City.

"I was heartbroken and mad," said mother Jessica Ponder. Ponder says her two-year-old son was abused while attending Bellaire Learning Center.

Two BLC teachers were arrested in August. Doris Williams, 49, and Tammi Hilliard, 28, are being charged with simple battery and failure to report child abuse.

Ponder said her son came home with a bruise on his eye in June. He told her "Ms.Tammi" threw an animal at him. When she confronted the teacher she said she was told a different story.

"I said, 'What happened to his eye?' And she said, 'Oh, I don't know,'" Ponder said about a conversation she had with the teacher.

Surveillance video from inside the classroom shows a teacher launch an object at Ponder's son.

Other children are also believed to be victims of abuse.

"I felt like our trust had been broken," said parent Chris Dison. His child was slapped by a teacher, but Dison didn't find out until long after the teachers were arrested, when detectives notified him of the surveillance video.

"There was no concern for my daughter even after the incident was brought up to light," he said.

"You send your child to a Christian-based daycare and then they are abused," Ponder added.

Both parents said not enough was done to stop this abuse from taking place, and this should be a warning to other parents.

Both are pressing charges against the two teachers, who are scheduled to be in court on October 29.

A statement from BLC's legal representation said:

"Bellaire has obtained a program called 'Watch Me Grow' that allows parents to view the classroom that their child is attending via their computer at their home or office.

"Also, a coordinator has been hired whose sole responsibility is hiring teachers and aides and monitoring the classrooms in both Bellaire facilities. These are additional steps that have been taken since the incidents have occurred."

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