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Local effects of federal shutdown

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

If the federal government goes ahead with its shutdown, there are some effects which will be felt immediately.

Tucson's housing voucher program is paid on a month to month basis so it will stop and several hundred families will be without their housing money.

Saguaro National Park locks its gates to all tourists. 67 of its 79 employees will be furloughed. 12 others, including the Superintendent and police personnel will continue to work without pay.

Up to 3,000 non essential government workers at Davis Monthan and other government jobs will also be told not to report to work. They will not be paid.

Those lost paychecks will be felt immediately across the board.

For the families who are affected, the hurt begins immediately. For others the pain will be delayed, if it comes at all.

"The city of Tucson will go on," says Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild. "We will continue to deliver services on the local level."

Where it might be felt is in the economic recovery which has been slow to take hold here.

"It makes our return to normal more sluggish because people are not willing to hire," says Richard Elias, a Democrat representing District 5. "They're less willing to take a chance on business opportunities they have."

Even the city admits the recovery has been slow and tenuous and could be further slowed by a government shutdown.

"It's going forward but not at a rate any of us wants," says Rothschild. "That hurts us."

It's difficult to add up the total dollar value the impact a shutdown will have because "it affects so many jurisdictions," says Elias.

Even a short shutdown will have an impact and will play out over time.

Restaurants, retail and commercial will feel any slowdown in the local economy.

"Start-ups and construction are deeply affected," says Elias.

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