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Sewage problems continue for MLK resident


A homeowner in Shreveport's MLK neighborhood continues to smell the stench of raw sewage in his yard. He thought the City of Shreveport would have made the necessary repairs by now. But it hasn't. 

You might recall, we first told you about Lee Marshall's problem last week, and we reported that the city was working to fix his problem.

"The whole weekend, I still got sewage on the side of my house," said Marshall.

Just down the street from his house on Victor Street is a collapsed sewer line. Last week, the contents of that line ended up in his yard. The city's water department estimated that the repairs would be made by Monday.

"Today is the only day so far that water hasn't ran in my yard," said Marshall.

The city's water department tells KSLA News 12 the delays are a result of too much rain, and more of the line was collapsed than originally thought.

"I wake up at night smelling this stuff, it burns your eyes, it puts a funny taste in your mouth," said Marshall.

Repairs to the line are expected to be completed by Thursday at the earliest.

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