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What a possible government shutdown means for Tucson

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

If Congress does not agree on spending, many federal employees may have to stay home from work tomorrow. 

What exactly does this government shutdown mean for Arizona workers and the people who depend on them? 

No matter what some federal employees will still be working tomorrow, but how many will be staffing the Federal courthouse in downtown Tucson is not clear.

Agencies have been working, since last week, to figure out what workers need to stay on the job, but with fewer people on the job, many can expect services to suffer. 

According to information from USA Today national parks, like Saguaro National Park will not be open; if people need a passport, the time is now to get it, because the Department of State has a limited amount of money to keep the program going without additional funding from Congress. 

Tucson is also a big military town, so those relying on Veterans Affairs will keep sending out compensation and pension checks but if the shutdown lasts through the end of October, they too will run out of money.

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