Knock It Off Team heads to Mosley's Movements

This week Knock It Off Team 2 headed to Mosley's Movements.  Patrick Mosley gave the team a lesson in Hip-Hop Cardio Dance.  It was an intense 45 minute workout that definitely shredded some calories.

Mosley says music is a great motivator.  He says when people are told they have to work out it is hard to get them to get moving, but he says music will nearly always do the trick.

The Knock It Off team is in its sixth week of eating better and finding news ways to exercise.  So far the team has done gym workouts, yoga, and crossfit.  They weight loss challenge continues through November.  So far the group of 12 individuals has lost 90 pounds total.

KSLA News 12's Domonique Benn came up with the Knock It Off Campaign after reading a story on air about Louisiana being one of the fattest states.  Her first challenge was in February and ended with 12 individuals losing more than 260 pounds.  Most of them have kept the weight off and continue to follow healthy lifestyles.

Patrick Mosley is currently working on a DVD to be released in October.  you will be able to get it on the Mosley's Movements website.