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East Texas bow hunting deer season begins

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Deer season for bow hunters starts tomorrow, and Texas Parks and Wildlife predicts a very good deer season, with an estimated 3.6 million deer in Texas.

The report shows just enough spring rain and native foods will make for an abundance of deer. Recent rains mean deer will spend more time grazing now than visiting feeders, which will change the strategy of bow hunters. With rifles, long distance shots are possible but bow hunting requires tracking, stealth, a steady hand and knowing the right moment to release. Though there may be lots of deer, bow hunters will have to use skill to get them.

"What gets me real excited about it is being able to get real close just the excitement of being 10 or 20 yards from the deer, just slinging that arrow," says bow hunter Brian Burghard. 

Bow season runs from September 28th through October 31st. We have the entire deer season forecast on our web site. Simply click on the Big Red Box at KLTV.com.

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