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Some Cypress-Black Bayou lake homeowners face challenges getting boathouses


Development along Cypress and Black Bayou Lakes in Benton is booming so much, some of the space for water front access is getting crowded.

Developers have been advertising new properties along the lakes for water access, but residents find when they ask the Lake Commission to build boat houses, they are turned down because of space issues. Cypress Black Bayou Executive Director Robert Berry explained what is advertised as "lake front" is sometimes a canal to the lake, that several homes are sharing.
"That's how many they are trying to get in that area there," Berry said pointing at a map of several lots crowded around a small opening of water. 

Berry is part of the Board of Directors, in charge of approving or denying anything built on the lakes,  "You get into a problem where six or seven homeowners wanting to build boathouses," but Berry says there just isn't enough room when the lots are so close together. "A lot of them come to us and are disgruntled with us, but we're not the ones who sold them the land," said Berry.

He explained that they are other options for spatially challenged homeowners, like building an inlet boathouse or a community boat house. But the inlet boathouse will cut into the resident's land and is only possible if they have enough of it. Both options require time and legal paperwork. "We want to do everything possible to accommodate them, so they live here for a long time and be permanent residents of Bossier Parish," said Berry. 

To avoid having issues at all, Berry recommends doing your homework first and talk to the lake commission before buying a new home to make sure there is even enough space to enjoy a waterfront home.

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