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It's National One-Hit Wonder Day

Dexy and the Midnight Runners are known for their one big hit: 1983's Come on Eileen. Dexy and the Midnight Runners are known for their one big hit: 1983's Come on Eileen.
They let the dogs out. They let the dogs out.

On September 25 of every year, we celebrate the singular successes we have come to know and love just as much for the nostalgia they bring as for the unique or catchy tunes that everyone remembers but often can't name the artists behind them.

From the classic 1983 hit "Come on Eileen," courtesy of Dexys Midnight Runners, to "Who Let the Dogs Out?" (No, really, who?) released in 2000, we know the songs. We just might not be able to name any other tracks we can thank Right Said Fred for bringing into the world.

There is no singular definition, but they all share popular success. Some actually do have multiple top-40 hits on a national pop chart, (i.e., Tommy Tutone, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Jigsaw), but their one signature hit overshadows the rest of their body of work.

Who can forget the most catchy phone number of all time? Tutone's 867-5309/Jenny went on to become one of the most highly crank-called numbers, so memorable that companies have fought over who owns it.

Some are the results of fads and dance crazes, like Los del Rios' Macarena in 1996. Gerardo's Rico Suave is another tune that might lack in lyrical depth and poetry, but that didn't stop the ladies' man from making his way up to #7 on Billboard's Hot 100 in 1991.

Some never even make the top 40 (Rebecca Black, anyone?), but their one wildly popular song meets with mainstream or viral success. Who's the next one-hit wonder? We're looking at you, Psy.

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