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Basement flooded at MSU's Kaufman Hall


There's flooding at Kaufman Hall at McNeese but it  has nothing to do with the lousy weather.

It's dark and wet in the basement of Kaufman and there's water damage that will likely cost tens of thousands of dollars. Maybe more. 

The flooding has nothing to do with the rainy weather. In fact, the problem started Tuesday. Director of Facilities and Plant operations, Richard Rhoden, said a four-inch water line cracked.

"The elbow cracked, and it's under city pressure which is typically 50 to 60 pounds of pressure. It came through this open grate right outside the building and inundated the basement and it overwhelmed our sump pump that we had in the space down here and so it was allowed to fill up and anyway that's what caused all the damage," said Rhoden.

They estimate the water stood 10-or-11 feet deep at its worst. Rhoden said insurance should cover most of the damage. Luckily, no damage to the other floors.

Meanwhile, McNeese spokesman Candace Townsend said for a couple of days, students' classes went online.

"We had those instructors take those classes online, which is our plan in case of a hurricane or other type of incident where we have to shut down the campus. All of the instructors have a plan to move their classes on line and they can still continue to teach students and deliver instructions," said Townsend.

The water is pumped out, but she said they need more time to get contractors on-site, get insurance adjusters in and so forth. She said classes in Kaufman have been relocated.

"The word to students is to check the website, check your McNeese edu e-mail account and know that classes will be physically held as usual, beginning Monday morning," said Townsend.

The building will likely stay closed for several weeks.
Again, students who attend class in Kaufman hall should check the website, their e-mail or social media to make sure they know where to go Monday.

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