Drought delays opening of $1M South Bossier Park


The hot, dry summer has delayed the opening of a $1 million mega sports complex in South Bossier Parish.

The park was initially supposed to be open a month ago, but Mother Nature had different plans. The dry hot weather has made it nearly impossible to grow the grass needed for the fields. "The drought conditions really didn't let the seed germinate, so it set us back," said Project Manager Gary Clark.

Clark explained the lack of grass isn't for lack of trying. Contractors have been re-seeding and watering for weeks.
While parish leaders want to get the park open as soon as possible, at least one neighbor is happy this sports complex isn't opening on time. 8 years ago Kim Mclain's family moved into their South Bossier Home, looking for a quiet place to settle. "It was all like this behind me," Mclain said, referencing the wetlands near her home.
Mclain is concerned about her quiet community changing. 'Mainly, the inconvenience of the congestion and the cars you know all the noise and chaos, in what once was a quiet area," said Mclain.
That may be inevitable. Like many other parts of Bossier Parish, the area is growing.

It began with a new subdivision next door to the Mclain's, now a mega sports complex called the 'South Bossier Park' is being built just steps away from their home, leaving Mclain with mixed emotions. "I'm excited that something would be close by, but nervous when I found out the size of it," said Mclain. 

Bossier Parish Engineer Butch Ford explained to KSLA News 12, the sports complex was able to be more than just an idea, thanks to a $1 million donation from Bossier City and a land donation and swap with a private citizen. "In South Bossier, this is one of a kind," Ford  said. The park will have 15 ball fields,  25 soccer and football fields; eventually walking  trails, pavilions, and a playground will be added in.

"This is going to hit every age group, that's why we're excited about it," said Ford. While it may not look like much of a park yet, Ford says crews have been working since June, shaping the land, building bathrooms and a parking lot.
Parish leaders are hoping the park will be open by the beginning of November.
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