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School year is underway in Northwest Louisiana's newest charter school


Thursday, Magnolia School of Excellence had their grand opening. Classes have been in session for several weeks. "I like to come here because it's a school of excellence and we all like to be excellent" Liliana Epperson, A Magnolia 2nd grader, says. Magnolia School of Excellence is the first charter school to be built from the ground up in Northwest Louisiana.

"I think in her previous school the tendency to have a couple of kids that were demanding a little extra attention it took away from her and distracted her and here it just isn't possible," Stacy Epperson, Liliana's mother, says. Charter schools give parents a choice about where they send their kids to school.

Magnolia School of Excellence is still accepting applications. "The beauty of Magnolia is that all children have the opportunity, it's not an academic application, it's not a specialty application, its do you live in Caddo and are you in one of the grades that we have this year" Epperson says.

The teachers at magnolia go through an intensive training session before they are allowed to walk these halls. "I think that teachers are allowed to be a little more innovative, have a little more leeway in what they get to do. People talk a lot about teaching to the test and you don't get that feeling here" Epperson says. Magnolia staff say parent involvement is important as well.

Every parent has to log at least 20 volunteer hours at the school. "That's to encourage parents to be part of that education process and reading at home" Pamela Barker, Magnolia principal, says.

It is not too late to apply. Magnolia still has about 50 seats available for new students. If you want to apply, just click here.

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