Team Knock It Off 2 pumps a little iron before weigh-ins

Knock It Off Team 2 hit the gym to pump some iron and get in a little cardio.  This is the fourth week for Knock It Off Team 2.  LSU Health Clinical Instructor Amanda Mahoney spent an hour working with the team on proper posture when doing cardio.  Mahoney said in order to lose weight you need a good mix of cardiovascular and also strengthening exercise. She says diet also plays a big role.  Mahoney said you will burn more calories with strength training because even after you are done, you are still burning calories.

Before Tuesday night's weigh-in at the Gordon H. Schuckers Rehabilitation Pavilion at LSU Health, the team had a chance to work out.  Nearly all 12 participants lost weight or either maintained their weight.  There were a lot of screams, high fives, and even dancing during the weigh-ins.

Team member, Kristi Junkin said this is the first time she has been able to lose weight where it doesn't seem like she is starving herself.  Kristi has lost 10 pounds so far and says she feels a lot better.

The total weight loss for the group is 83 pounds.  The team has 8 more weeks to go before the finale.

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