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Bossier restaurant owner responds to new Starbucks gun policy

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A Bossier restaurant owner is responding to Starbucks' request for customers to not bring weapons into their coffee houses. The owner of Chicken Express, Randal Neel's opinions are the polar opposite of Starbucks' CEO. It's no secret, Chicken Express off of Barksdale Avenue, supports gun rights. 
In April, the restaurant displayed a sign offering free food for concealed carry holders. "If you've gone through the proper steps to get your license, that means you are a responsible gun owner, you're more than welcome to come in carrying a concealed weapon," said Neel, but Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is sending a very different message to their customers. "We respectfully ask those customers who are carrying a gun, just honor the request and don't bring the gun into Starbucks," Schultz said in a CNN interview.

Schultz explained they are not banning guns, but discouraging them because it makes their customers uncomfortable. Neel disagrees with that stance, "But the thing is, if it is concealed, how is going to make anyone uncomfortable? No one is going to know it's there."     

Bossier resident Layne LeBleu agrees with Schultz, with one exception, "Unless it's a cop, then it's cool," said LeBleu. Other than that, LeBleu explained knowing others may have guns makes him uneasy.  

"I guess in the back of my mind, I'd be checking everyone out, like does that guy have a gun, does she have a gun, why do they have it?" said LeBleu, but Neel said rather than uncomfortable, his customers should feel protected knowing there are concealed carry permit holders eating there.
As for Schultz request asking customers to leave their guns at home, Neel doesn't think that's going to happen. According to Associated Press, Starbucks plans to buy ad space in major national newspapers on Thursday to run an open letter from Schultz explaining their decision.  

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