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8 year old shot, cousin speaks out


An 8 year old Shreveport girl is recovering at LSUHSC from a gun shot wound to the leg. The 8 year old girl was sleeping on solar system sheets, on the top bunk, when she was shot in the leg by what police are calling a stray bullet. "It hit three times, it went through the walls, she got hit, see that metal thing there? It went through that and hit her leg, that's why there's a hole right there" her cousin, Travion Holden, says. The little girl is expected to be alright.

Holden says he was home when the shots were fired Monday night. "Last night everybody was sleeping, I was still up, a dude came by in the back and started shooting with his left hand with a gun and he ran and got into a white car, I don't know what kind of car it was" Holden says.

"When I pulled up there were police cars everywhere, I mean everywhere" Dale Gales, a neighbor, says. "It's a surprise, it puzzles me, because you never think that would happen over here because it's a quiet neighborhood" Nakiel Hunter, a neighbor, says.

Neighbors are shocked this could happen to the little girl, and that it could happen on their street. "It's like scary because I have children, and the street is full of children and now we have to wondering who's going to come by anytime and start shooting" Hunter says. It's a fear that is now spreading through the neighborhood. "Scared, I don't want to sleep in this house anymore" Holden says.

Police say they are still searching for suspects.

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