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'Inseparable' duck and hen have new home

Cheddar and Quackers at their new home Cheddar and Quackers at their new home

A duck named Quackers and a hen named Cheddar are no longer searching for a new home after their owner surrendered them to Kansas City's animal shelter.

Hours after a story aired on KCTV5 News It's Your Morning about the duo, a family adopted them along with another duck at the shelter.

Employees at KC Pet Project said the pair are inseparable and in love and now they have an extended family of horses and chickens to hang out with.

When people come to KC Pet Project, they probably expect to hear a few barks and a meow isn't out of the ordinary either, but a quack is unusual.

"They are really, really cute when you actually watch them for a long period of time. They snuggle together. They groom each other. They spend all their time together. If they are apart, they are really not the same animal. We realized separating them really was not the best decision," said Tori Fugate, the manager of marketing and development, about Quackers and Cheddar.

The duck and hen's snuggle shack at the shelter was quickly replaced by a new permanent home.

"We'd really like to see them go to a nice farm where there are some other farm animals and maybe a chicken coop and a pond," Fugate said.

The odd couple isn't the first unusual animal to visit the shelter.

"We care for around 1,000 other pets every year here at the animal shelter. Anything from snakes to alligators to goats to pigs. We take in a lot of interesting animals," Fugate said.

Prior to their adoption, Fugate talked about their goal for them.

"We want them to go to the most ideal home for them. We want to make sure they have the proper living situation. They know how to care for an animal," she said.

It cost $20 to adopt Cheddar and Quackers. It was also important that the new owner lives in a city or county that allows hens and ducks.

The new owners said they live on 10 acres of land in Kansas City, KS, close to the river. They said they have a big aviary with a nicely secure coop to keep the chickens warm in the winter.

"Our current girls all give us an egg a day. It will be interesting to see if Cheddar decides to check out the nesting boxes," they wrote to Fugate in an email.

The pair aren't the only animals up for adoption. The shelter is overflowing with animals so much so that they are waiving the adoption fee for all cats and kittens. Dogs are also available.

Go to kcpetproject.org for more information.

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